Fundraiser for Lebanon


The world is going through a lot due to the pandemic, but some places have been hit harder than others. My home country, Lebanon, is facing major economic challenges with a completely corrupt and incompetent political class. An immense wealth gap meant that as soon as the economy started shaking, a large proportion of the population was disproportionately affected and is now relying on donations for food and medicine. Some reports project that the country will witness a famine before the end of the year.

At this time, when hunger and insecurity loom, we must act to prevent further pain. The main way Lebanese expats can help is by donating to NGOs and small initiatives working on the ground to support those in need. In this spirit, I will be donating 100% of profits made from all print sales until the end of August to the Lebanese Food Bank. At checkout, you will have the choice of including an extra amount which will also be entirely donated in addition to sale profits. If you do not wish to purchase a print, please consider donating to them nonetheless by visiting their website.

This is in no way a sustainable or long term solution to the situation in Lebanon. Structural changes need to take place. Contributions will directly alleviate some families’ dire conditions while we continue the bigger fight against corruption and government abuse.

The photo above features the peak of Qornet Mar Semaane, located in the North of Lebanon, being engulfed by fog as the day comes to an end. May this be the end of a long day for Lebanon, and may the suffering fade like the fog vanishes at dawn.


Some articles about the crisis:

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