Special Collection 2020

Many of us are missing the hustle and bustle we were so accustomed to before the COVID-19 pandemic. During the extra time I have been spending indoors, I went through my archives and found many photos that I never got the chance to work on or publish. A few photo sets from Paris were particularly good: they offered me a chance to play around with stacking techniques to create surreal scenes of the pre-pandemic times.

The result is two images of the 'ghosts' that now haunt touristic attractions. These ghosts were not imported from other scenes for effect. To produce each image, I used a set of photographs taken within a short time window at the same location. Given that people were moving in front of a static background, I was able to select their silhouettes (which varied across photos) and apply the effect to them while sparing the surrounding buildings.

I chose the colour red for the silhouettes to shine light on the important element in these images: people. At first I thought that red is too strong, a little unsettling perhaps. But isn't this the current state of things?

To contrast this feeling of nostalgia, I also wanted to create something that would keep us grounded and in touch with the world that we live in. This world is much bigger than any home, city or country. So I made a special edition of a recent photo of Tower Bridge which I found to be inspiring and eye opening. You can read about the photo here

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